SwiftKey Bug Leaks Predicted Phrases, Phone Numbers And Email Addresses Of Strangers

If you're a SwiftKey user and have been experiencing some oddities lately: you're not alone. Due to a bug, some SwiftKey users have been receiving some downright bizarre recommendations, including phrases that they never use. Even worse? The software also predicted names and email addresses of other users!

Once this discovery was made, the company behind the software took swift (sorry) action to pull some of its services offline; namely, the cloud-related bits. The company says that the vast majority of users were unaffected by this issue, which is a little reassuring as the software has millions upon millions of users. If you're using a modern Android phone, chances are pretty good that you're using it whenever you type, as many vendors preinstall it thanks to its improvements over the standard Android keyboard.

SwiftKey Keyboard

According to an experience relayed by the UK's Telegraph, one user discovered this flaw when a stranger emailed them, saying that their email came up as a suggested option in the SwiftKey software, even though the phone was brand-new. Anyone who discovered this flaw could have typed in a single letter to get SwiftKey to recommend phrases or words, or even email addresses, which doesn't bode well for the impression of security.

Fortunately, while this bug is undeniably bad, and needs to be patched as soon as possible, this is one of those leaks that won't require you to opt for ID protection, or anything of the sort. No truly sensitive information was revealed through this bug; only email addresses and names. Worse would have been if the software leaked saved form information; fortunately, that's not the case.

There's no word on when an updated SwiftKey will be released to remedy this issue, but as it stands right now, you're freely able to use the app. Until the fix, you'll be unable to backup your settings to the cloud.