Swiftech MCX462-V HSF, Thermaltake Xpeaker Panel, and more!

Hey folks, I'm here to start you off with your weekend fix of tech news. One little interesting bit we have is a review of Thermaltake's 5.25" bay "Xpeaker"... these guys think of everything ;)

Thermaltake Xpeaker Panel @ Mikhailtech

"The drivers are too small and too weak to reproduce any low frequencies, so the result is a slight boost in sound levels. As for distortion, there really is none since it never reaches levels where it would be noticeable. In short, these are quiet speakers. For what it's worth, the Xpeaker is a neat contraption and useful in certain situations. However the hype is rather misleading. Thermaltake claims (and I quote), "Play it LOUD!! Xpeaker builds you a heart-pumping experience for games, music, and more!!". This couldn't be further from the truth."

Albatron Trinity GeForce 6600GT AGP @ PCStats

"The Albatron Trinity GeForce 6600GT AGP is only compatible with 1.5V 4x/8x AGP motherboards and it's physically impossible to insert this videocard into a 2x only AGP slot. If you tried to force it, you'd only damage both the videocard and the motherboard (and possibly yourself). The Trinity 6600GT AGP sports 128MB of Samsung BGA DDR3 memory, and uses a 128-bit memory bus; which is enough memory for today's most demanding games."

Swiftech MCX462-V HSF @ MHW

"The Helicoid pin design increases surface area of the pins. This increased surface area creates a more effective mechanism for heat dissipation. Also these pins are aligned in concentric rows which are bent at different angles. Swiftech says "The spacing and angles between the concentric rows has been precisely calculated to optimize cooling and reduce noise at air flow levels as low as 22 CFM and 23 dbA"

TITAN Vanessa CPU Cooler @ Techniz

"Today, we are reviewing their latest CPU cooler which is known as the Vanessa CPU Cooler. The Vanessa CPU Cooler is design to support universal platform. Therefore, there are four different clips to support the Intel P4 (socket 478), AMD K7, AMD K8 and LGA 775."