Survey Suggests Repairability of Electronics Gadgets Affects Brand Loyalty

Electronics break all the time, it happens. The question is, are you able to repair a broken gadget, assuming it's out of warranty? Some devices are a bear to service, like the Pebble Smartwatch, which the folks at iFixIt deemed damn near impossible to open up without destroying or at least compromising its waterproofing capabilities. That's just one example, but something hardware manufacturers should be conscious of is that easy-to-repair electronics are more likely to lead to repeat customers.

So suggests a new consumer survey by iFixIt. The repair site pinged over 13,200 users and asked them a variety of questions. One of the more interesting findings is that a whopping 95 percent indicated a successful repair makes them more likely to buy another product from the same manufacturer. That wouldn't mean a whole lot if repairability didn't play into the purchasing decision, but 93 percent said it's an important consideration when buying a new device.

Comfort Graph
Image Source: iFixIt

Granted iFixIt readers are likely ahead of the curve when it comes to do-it-yourself (DIY) repair, but it's perphaps eye-opening that nearly every single respondent would buy another device from the same manufacturer following a positive DIY repair experience.

Another interesting discovery is that users are most comfortable fixing a PC, which ranked higher than fixing a bike. The iPad ranked lowest on the comfort scale.
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