Survey Reveals Devs Are Working On Switch 2 Games, Have Ethical AI Concerns And More

Closeup of a game controller sitting above a keyboard.
Do you know why the debate over PC versus console gaming will live on in perpetuity? One reason is because of surveys like the '2024 State of the Game Industry' that was just released by the Game Developers Conference, which adds fuel the delightful fire with insights from those entrenched on the development side. One of the many parts that stands out is that out of those surveyed, the vast majority are most interested in the PC platform. The survey also offered insights into what platforms are currently being developed for (hello, Nintendo Switch 2!), thoughts on AI, and more.

Over 3,000 game developers participated in the survey, which focused on their work and the industry at large. As it relates to platform interest, 62% (or nearly two-thirds) identified the PC as the one they're most stoked about. This was followed by the PlayStation 5 (41%), which led all consoles, then the Switch 2 (32%), Xbox Series X|S (29%) and the current Switch (25%) rounding out the top five platforms.

Obviously the math adds up to well over 100%, but that's because developers were asked to choose all that apply. As for what platforms they're currently developing for (interest aside), PC again took the top billing at 62%, followed by the PS5 (35%), Xbox Series X|S (34%), Android (24%) and iOS (23%). Going beyond the top five, the current Switch console came in sixth at 18%.

Interestingly, the survey suggests that hundreds of developers are already working on games for the Switch 2, or the "Nintendo Switch successor," as it's labeled in the survey. Nintendo has not announced a Switch successor, though there have been plenty of leaks and rumors pointing to the next iteration. One of the most recent leaks came by way of Altec Lansing, which announced a product launch "planned to coincide with the Nintendo Switch 2 in September 2024." Altec Lansing ended up striking that bit from its press release, claiming that it was simply an educated guess. Suuuure.

The survey also touched on the topic of generative AI. Around half (49%) of game developers pinged said their company or department has deployed AI tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E, GitHub Copilot, and Adobe Generative Fill that they or their colleagues are actively using.

Game developer survey graph on answers to a question about concerns over ethical AI.

Usage of AI tools doesn't come without concerns, though. The survey reveals that four out of five developers are worried about the ethical use of AI (based on the sample size of over 3,000).

"Although developers seem to be uncertain about the industry impact of Generative AI, they are quite certain about the ethical impact. A large majority (84%) of developers indicated they were somewhat or very concerned about the ethics of using Generative AI, while 12% stated they had no concerns," the survey states.

Those concerns are rooted in a range of potential issues, such as generative AI leading to more layoffs at game companies, copyright infringement, and the possibility of AI toolmakers training their models with data obtained without the creator's consent.

"In a rush to develop new tech, we are ignoring many of the red flags and potential pitfalls of this exciting and potentially dangerous new frontier. Many of the developers behind AI seem blinded by the promise that AIs in Asimov, Greenburg, and even Roddenberry’s worlds offer, whilst blindly ignoring the warnings and issues those same creators shared in their works," an anonymous developer wrote.

It's an interesting survey with lots of key insights, both into the industry at large and how game developers feel about certain subjects and platforms. If you want to check it out, you'll need to provide an email address.