Nintendo's Switch 2 Game Console Release Date Has Been Accidentally Revealed

Nintendo Switch Mario Edition console on a light red gradient background.
In all likelihood, and barring any delays, Nintendo will launch its much-anticipated Switch 2 game console this September. No, Nintendo has not made an official announcement yet. However, Altec Lansing spilled the beans in a press release announcing it is the inaugural licensee of Ai Shark's gaming software that will launch at the same time as Nintendo's next major console.

Ai Shark may not be a familiar name yet, but it's a rebranding of GameShark, a name that is easily recognizable to old school gamers. GameShark devices made easy work of adding more lives and other enhancements to games, spanning over a decade and over half a dozen game systems. Essentially cheat code devices, GameShark is now owned by MadCatz, which apparently is going the licensing route with Ai Shark. Therein lies the surprise reveal.

"Formerly known as GameShark, Ai Shark is set to redefine the gaming landscape with its revolutionary AI-enhanced technology. The innovative gaming software is set to mark a significant leap forward in the gaming experience, bringing enhanced gameplay for beginner-level users. The official launch is planned to coincide with the Nintendo Switch 2 in September 2024," Altec Lansing stated in a press release.

A revised version of the announcement replaces the Nintendo Switch 2 reveal with a line that reads, "Altec Lansing plans on introducing its new offering in time for the holiday season 2024." There's no mention of September or Nintendo's unannounced game console.

Be that as it may, the original release was published long enough to be archived by the Wayback Machine. It's possible that Altec Lansing and Ai Shark got the messaging mixed up, but the more likely scenario is a backtracking after publishing information that was supposed to be privileged at this still-early stage. The public stance after the inadvertent reveal, however, is that the companies were basically making an educated guess. Sure, Jan.

It's an unfortunate slip-up for the companies involved, as it overshadows a potentially interesting announcement, or series of announcements, one of which is a game controller that aims to learn your input habits. A succinct Ai Shark Controller page explains it uses AI to adapt to a gamer's play style.

"It can suggest button remaps and sensitivity adjustments, making it easier for players of all skill levels to perform complex moves effortlessly. For new players, it’s like having an intuitive guide, while for veterans, it’s a tool that constantly evolves and fine-tunes itself to match their expertise. This controller isn’t just an input device; it’s a gateway to a more intuitive and enjoyable gaming experience," Ai Shark explains.

Altec Lansing doesn't mention a controller specifically, and instead says the Ai Shark software and chipset solutions can be applied to various gaming peripherals, such as keyboards, mice, and headphones. It's also platform-agnostic.

In any event, it looks like the Switch 2 will be here in around 8-9 months, if the cached announcement is right on the money.