Survey Finds That SMS Breakups Are On The Rise: Sry, Its Ovr!

We would take these figures with a certain grain of salt, but based on our own experiences with texting and the societal changes that have followed, we actually tend to find the numbers quite believable. MocoSpace is a social network that strives based not on web views, but mobile views. Thus, most anyone involved in MocoSpace is a heavy mobile user, and their members are certainly apt to text quite frequently.

With Valentine's Day being today, the survey seems quite timely. Reportedly, MocoSpace surveyed nearly 20,000 of their 10.3 million members for this report, when asked if they had ever used a mobile phone to break up with someone, 57% admitted that they had. There's no data explaining which of the 57% actually broke up with someone else within that 57%, but we digress. Of those that said "yes," a whopping 48% used a text message to end the relationship altogether.

The network claims that the vast majority of its members are under 30, so it certainly stands to reason that these numbers are true. Of course, we would love to see this same survey given to people that aren't so tightly involved in a web-based social network, but either way, you should probably make sure that you and your lover are on speaking terms unless you want to join the masses in SMS-based breakups. 
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