Surprisingly Clean ‘Arrow Launcher’ Is Microsoft’s Latest Android Trojan Horse

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? That's part of the apparent game plan for Microsoft in mobile -- let's face it, Android isn't about to be toppled by Microsoft or anyone else in the mobile space. Rather than cry over spilled milk, Microsoft is making the most of the situation with a new Launcher for Android called Arrow. And guess what? Early impressions are positive.

Arrow Launcher is currently being tested as a beta product by invite only. So no, you can't go out and try it right at this very moment. However, others have, and they're saying mostly good things about the Launcher, which is a work in progress. It's also a way for Microsoft to get its services like Skype, OneDrive, and Office into the hands of scores of mobile users without abandoning its own mobile software (Windows 10 for Mobile).

Arrow Launcher
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Microsoft's custom Launcher consists of three pages -- People, Apps, and Notes & Reminders. Unfortunately, you can't add (or remove) pages, at least in its current form, though that could change in a future release.

That said, the pages you get are pretty nifty. You'll see your contacts listed on the People page with their accompanying phone numbers and email addresses. On the Apps page, which is also the Home page, you'll see apps broken down into subcategories -- a row of Recent ones at the top and three rows of Frequent apps on the bottom. And on the Notes & Reminders page, you can (*drum roll please*) add notes and reminders to yourself.

As with other Launchers, Arrow comes with a Dock. It spans all three screens, so you can pin up to a dozen different favorite apps/links. In addition, the Dock shows your recent contacts.

Intrigued? You can send a request for an invite through the Arrow Launch beta's Google+ page.