Surface Pro 4 Firmware Update Boosts Battery Life And Refines Touch Controls

Microsoft recently announced a refresh to its Surface Pro 4 models with upgrades to Intel's latest generation processors (Kaby Lake). Part of the promise in upgrading to 7th generation Core CPUs is better batty life—Microsoft said its updated models offer up to 50 percent more run time than the previous generation with Skylake inside. To help meet that promise, Microsoft released new firmware for its Surface Pro 4.

The newest firmware addresses battery life when the Surface Pro 4 goes into Sleep mode. This probably will not have a dramatic effect on things, though every little bit of additional run time that Microsoft can squeeze out of its popular 2-in-1 device is appreciated.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Here is a look at the other fixes and improvements included in the changelog:
    • Intel Precise Touch Device ( disables touch when cover is closed, and improves stability.
    • Surface integration ( adjusts Hibernation defaults.
    • Surface Touch Servicing ML (1.0.724.0) optimizes touch functionality.
    • Surface System Aggregator (103.1610.256.0) resolves screen brightness issue when devices comes out of sleep.
    • Surface UEFI (106.1624.768.0) refines brightness settings.
    • Surface Touch ( optimizes touch functionality.
In short, this firmware update is all about improving the performance, battery life, and reliability of the Surface Pro 4. It does not include any security, connectivity, or compatibility improvements.

The latest Surface Pro 4 could have actually been called Surface Pro 5, though Microsoft seems to be waiting for a more dramatic update before bumping up the model number. In the meantime, the refreshed Surface Pro 4 is Microsoft's lightest tablet ever, coming in at 1.7 pounds.

On the outside, the latest Surface Pro 4 models still boast a single USB 3.0 port, mini DisplayPort output, a headphone jack, and Microsoft's proprietary Surface Connect port. USB-C connectivity is still missing, though we suspect it will find its way on the next version of the Surface Pro, especially now that Intel has committed to baking Thunderbolt 3 support into future processors while making the spec available without having to pay a royalty.

Hit the source link to download the latest firmware.