Surface Laptop 4 Release Imminent As MS Support Pages Confirm AMD and Intel CPUs

Microsoft Surface Laptop
It sure looks like Microsoft is getting ready to unveil a Surface Laptop 4 in the near future, and as it prepares for the upcoming launch, the Redmond giant may have inadvertently leaked plans to incorporate both AMD and Intel processor options. What exactly the CPU options end up being are still a mystery, though past leaks might shed some light on the situation.

Nothing is official at the moment, though Microsoft did recently publish a pair of support pages for the unreleased laptop. Have a look...

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 AMD

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Intel

One of them is labeled "Surface Laptop 4 with Intel Processor Drivers and Firmware," and the other one is labeled "Surface Laptop 4 with AMD Processor Drivers and Firmware." Both are basically just placeholders at the moment, with no additional revealing information or working download links. They were either accidentally posted live, or Microsoft figured nobody would notice.

That said, they do essentially confirm the Surface Laptop 4 will be offered with both AMD and Intel processor options, which is not surprising—the same is true of the Surface Laptop 3. Somewhat disappointing, however, are rumors pointing to the AMD version sporting Ryzen 4000 series processors based on Zen 2 instead of newer Zen 3 parts.

It's said the Surface Laptop 4 will be offered in 13.5-inch (2256x1504) and 15-inch (2496x1664) display models, both utilizing a 3:2 aspect ratio. According to past leaks, AMD processor options include the Ryzen 5 4680U and Ryzen 7 4980U.

Meanwhile, on the Intel side, users will be able to choose between an 11th Gen Core i5-1145G7 or Core i7-1185G7, both of which are Tiger Lake parts.

Other specs are said to include to 32GB of RAM, up to 1TB of SSD storage, USB-C connectivity, and a 49Wh battery. Some of those hardware options will depend on what processor is inside, though, as rumor has it that only the Intel versions will be offered with 32GB of RAM and 1TB of storage.