Surface Hub 2S To Bring 85-Inch 'Hybrid Workspace' For Social Distanced Collaborating Starting January 2021

surface hub hero
Microsoft originally designed the Surface Hub lineup to make meetings and collaboration better for all. Now, they are making the 85-inch Surface Hub 2S finally available for preorder. Businesses that preorder now will see their devices ship in January 2021.

Due to COVID-19, working, and learning remotely has become a large part of many people's daily lives. With the Surface Hub, Microsoft is looking to support the remote need by listening to customers and making changes to suit customers. According to Microsoft, “In these last six months of remote work, we’ve seen our customers transform how they use Surface Hub across a range of industries,” such as in education, healthcare, and the public and private sectors.

Now that some companies in these sectors begin to go back to work in person, Microsoft wants to “ease that transition.” With social distancing still in effect for most, the considerable screen upgrade that the Surface Hub 2S is getting will allow viewers to sit further away and not compromise the experience. Along with not compromising experience, the full Windows 10 desktop edition will come to the Surface Hub 2S. This will make the device easier to use and learn for users. In October, Microsoft will also be pushing the Windows 10 Team 2020 Update, which contains customer-requested features and features to improve device management and configuration.
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Starting today, the Surface Hub 2S 85” is available for “pre-sales reservations” (see: preorder) for commercial customers at Microsoft Authorized Resellers or Microsoft themselves. They should become available in 2021 if the FCC approves the device. To get your hands on one, it will set you back $21,999.99.

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S should be a solid device for collaboration, teamwork, or general productivity. Running Windows 10 on it and sharing the experience with a team or group in 85” glory could be incredibly useful. If you wish to find out more about the Surface Hub 2S, you can do so on Microsoft’s blog.