Stunning Superman Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo Is So Good It Might Become A Real Game

hero unreal engine 5 superman demo
Along with its public release of Unreal Engine 5, Epic Games shipped a free sample project called "City Sample." It's basically the city from the Matrix Awakens demo, but with all of the Matrix-specific stuff stripped out. Superficially, it's a complete city environment, with roads, buildings, cars, highways, decorative plants, and even crowds of people procedurally-generated by Epic's Metahuman software.

That project forms the foundation for a tech demo in which a generic Unreal Engine stand-in character flies around a city at high speeds causing physics-based destruction with cars. While the creator, volod—a technical artist at Romanian gamedev outsourcing group Amber Studio—directly compares the demo to Superman, it doesn't actually have anything to do with the venerable D.C. comics superhero.

Not that the comparison isn't apt, mind you. Thanks to Unreal Engine 5's dynamic LOD scaling system known as Nanite, the generic character can blast around the city at breakneck speeds with no visible loss of detail. It's actually rather exhilarating to watch, and it reminds this author of many good times gone by flying around the cities in Champions Online and City of Heroes.

After the tweet got some interest (it currently sits at 24.5K likes), volod announced their intentions to turn the demo into an actual game. Of course, there's still a lot of work to be done, and not just in terms of the technical aspects. After all, there's no real gameplay here, even as much fun as simply flying around a detailed digital city can be.

While Unreal Engine 5's built-in assets are certainly the majority of what's on display here, volod was quick to reply to naysayers on Twitter by remarking that the city layout on display is not in fact the stock City Sample layout, but a customized one created by volod themselves. That doesn't change the fact that almost all of the assets on display are Epic's, though. Likewise, even the animations for the hero character are not original; they're from an Unreal Engine Marketplace asset by Indie-us Games.

Still, Amber Games is an experienced studio with a lot of work under its belt; there's no reason to doubt that with these ideas as a baseline, the company could produce a fun superhero title. Hopefully volod's ambitions see the light of day, even if it's just a simple indie title.