Super Talent's Latest Solid State Drive Hitches a Ride with PCI Express

Super Talent this week unveiled a new extreme solid state drive (SSD) solution that skips SATA III in favor of PCI Express. It's the new RAIDDrive upStream, a new type of SSD designed to take advantage of the greater bandwidth PCIe affords with up to 1GB/s of read performance and up to 900MB/s of write performance, compared to 550MB/s for SATA III solutions.

"The upStream is a perfect addition to any workstation running a variety of disk intensive applications," Super Talent says. "It’s perfect for Animation, Simulation, CAD and Sorting & Searching large databases. When time is money, upStream quickly pays for itself and in the hands of creative professionals, upStream facilitates the creative process by enabling creative professionals to work fluidly, unencumbered by the long delays that sometimes result from simple commands."

Super Talent's RAIDDrive upStream uses multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory and ships in 220GB, 460GB, and 960GB capacities. Each drive features a built-in wear leveling algorithm and error detection and correction, user configurable RAID, and field-upgradeable firmware. A serious piece of hardware, the upStream actually consists of four SandForce-powered SSDs in a RAID array driven by an LSI RAID controller to offer data center level storage for PC workstations, Super Talent says.

No word yet on price or availability.