Super Talent Pico Gold 8GB USB Drive

There's simply no denying that many tech enthusiasts love all things small.  As of late, with the likes of products such as the Asus Eee PCLenovo ThinkPad X200, Dell Studio Hybrid and other small form-factor systems; thin, small and light is definitely "in" and has become a fad of sorts.  What is this obsession with small?  What ever happend to big, clunkly and overbearing?  You can't turn around these days without bumping into something that looks like it was designed to work best in Munchkin Land or Gary Coleman's gym bag.  Regardless, it seems Super Talent isn't about to give us manly men, who like big, nasty, in-your-face computer gear, a break from the current megatrend in all things tiny.

Just what you need to accompany that ultralight notebook or mini desktop -- the Super Talent Pico Gold series 8GB USB keychain drive emerges, for those of you that are so proud of getting your tiny on, that you want to dress it up in a little bling.  And we do mean a "little"...



While it's not exceptionally speedy, it does certainly pack a fair amount of storage (8GB) in a tiny footprint.  The ST Pico Gold, as you can see here, offers performance in the middle of the pack, when it comes to larger file transfers but it trails in smaller 32K, 256K and even 2MB file sizes.  On the flip-side, this drive might come in handy for those of you with a nautical affinity, with its clip-on keychain accessory and more importantly, this USB memory stick will endure being completely submerged in water or other liquid.  Fashionable, water-proof and of course, tiny -- Super Talent's new tiny Pico Gold 8GB USB drive can be yours for $32.99.