Sunbeam Lightbus, Thermalright XP-90, and more!

Hey folks, after a long and intense battle with Windows Networking, I'm here to deliver the news. Most people wouldn't consider networking very intense, but as many of you know... it can be. Yeah I'm a geek, and I love it :) Anyway folks, here's your news. Enjoy!

AOpen i915Pa-PLF Motherboard Review @ PCStats

"The AOpen i915Pa-PLF motherboard is a socket 775 Intel Pentium 4 solution designed for mainstream users getting ready to upgrade a little of everything. Obviously based on the Intel 915P chipset, this blackened-PCB motherboard supports current 800/533MHz FSB Socket 775 CPUs (Celeron or Pentium 4), and requires a PCI-Express compatible video card. AGP videocards are not supported at all."

Sunbeam Lightbus @ A True Review

"Getting tired of the same old cathodes and/or lights just sitting there day after day? Do you wish there was an alternative that allows you to turn those boring lights into a festive light show? Wish no more my friends, for Sunbeam has brought forth "The Lightbus"."

Corsair Memory: New Location & PC2-5400UL @ Legit Reviews

"Legit Reviews was in the right place at the right time and was able to be on of the first to see Corsair's new head quarters. We also got to see thier new PC2-5400UL memory with Ultra Low 3-2-2 timings on the show floor at IDF in San Francisco. New memory and new buildings at Corsair."

EverCool HPC-925 Iceman CPU Cooler reviewed @

"With three large heatpipes running through 53 fins and a 92mm to cool things down plus the option of adding a second fan in a push-pull configuration the Iceman may be of interest to those looking to regain their hearing."

Thermalright XP-90 Review @ nVnews

"The Thermalright XP-90 continues to impress months after its release. It goes to show that aluminum cooling solutions are very much alive and well. This is great news to those of us that aren't too keen on mounting a 700 gram copper monster compared to this relative featherweight at only 360g."

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