Sun to change stock ticker to JAVA

In an attempt to capitalize on the name recognition of Java, which is more well-known to the general public than Sun Microsystems itself, Sun will be changing its stock ticker symbol next week from SUNW to JAVA.

"The number of people who know Java swamps the number of people who know Sun," Schwartz wrote. "JAVA is a technology whose value is near infinite to the Internet, and a brand that's inseparably a part of Sun (and our profitability)."

Sun estimates that 1 billion consumers recognize the steaming coffee cup symbol of Java, it said in a press release.

At the same time that they attempting greater name recognition with the new ticker symbol, they are also risking being mistaken for a new rival to SBUX.  Sun is currently listed on NASDAQ, and interestingly, SUNW stands for Stanford University Network Workstation (which we weren't aware of).
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