Study Reveals 1 in 10 Americans Use Smartphones Between the Sheets, and Other Fun Cell Phone Stats

No place is off limits when it comes to using to smartphones. That's one of the takeaways of a new study released and conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Jumio, in which it was revealed that Americans who own such devices have no problem using them during sex (9 percent), in the shower (12 percent), and while at church (19 percent). Perhaps Samsung can use this information to better promote its Galaxy S4 Active.

Regardless of the type of mobile phone, Americans want them by their side at all times possible. Nearly three-quarters of the 1,102 survey's respondents said they're within five feet of their smartphone almost all of the time. They use them at the movies (35 percent), on dinner dates (33 percent), and when attending children and/or school functions (32 percent).

Smartphone Use

"It's no wonder people in relationships feel like their phones are cramping their love life -- 12 percent of respondents in a relationship said they believe their smartphone gets in the way of that relationship," Jumio said.

Surprisingly, 'just' 55 percent admitted to using their smartphone while driving. That adds up to a lot of distracted drivers on the road, though we would have pegged that number at being even higher.