Stuck in Traffic? Watch Video of Worse Traffic.

Los Angeles has a love affair with car chases on TV. But delivering traffic cam footage to your cell phone? That's the idea behind, which has rolled out its product in a few cities across the country. From the list of their upcoming cities, they're definitely in the "expansion" mode.

Starting Tuesday, people with the right phones can download the application, then click and pick from more than 270 cameras aimed at the city's streets and highways to view.

By "right phones," by the way, we don't mean the iPhone. That version is coming this summer, 3rd Dimension spokesman Rob Manfredo said.

Some of the cameras will show still pictures and update them often, while others will show live video, Manfredo said. But all have the potential to inform, inspire and enrage.

It should be noted that a large message on the FreeTrafficCams site says "Warning: Do not Use While Driving," which one would think would reduce the utility of this application, but considering how much distraction comes from just talking on a cell phone, it's good advice.