"Street View Hookers" Spice Up the Web

Since its unveiling in May of 2007, Google's Street View has hit a few bumps in the road, including being told to "keep out" of an entire town, to being sued over privacy by a Pennsylvania couple, to being told to stay out of military bases. This particular incident is more humorous than anything else.

 Who is standing at the corner of 3186 San Pablo Ave. in Emeryville, near Oakland, California? Some think they may be working women, coining the nickname “Streetview Hookers.”

Google Street View launched May 25, 2007 in five cities and has since expanded to 40 cities. The Google Maps addition shows 360-degree panoramic views of city streets.

Since its launch, Street View has captured several interesting images, from a giant pumpkin to men walking out of adult book stores and strip clubs.

It should be noted that the Twin Cities are nowhere near the SF Bay Area; if they were they might realize that Emeryville is closer to Berkeley than Oakland.
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