Dead By Daylight And Stranger Things Crossover Lets You Play As A Demogorgon

stranger things dbd
One of the most popular shows that Netflix has ever made, and it's made some good ones, is Stranger Things. The main bad guy in Season 1 was the Demogorgon, and Netflix has teamed up with the devs behind the video game Dead By Daylight to give gamers the chance to play as the monster.

If you get tired of playing as the Demogorgon, you can also play as Nancy Wheeler or Steve Harrington. The update also comes with a new map that of the underground complex at the Hawking National Laboratory. This chapter for Dead by Daylight launches in September on console and the PC. 

This isn't the first big horror monster that Dead by Daylight has tied up with; the game offered Freddy Krueger and the Ghostface guy from Scream to the list in the past. Stranger Things has had video game crossovers before. To celebrate the most recent season, the show had content in Fortnite.

Those who have never played Dead by Daylight, there are three survivors and one hunter. The survivors have to work together to open the doors of the arena to escape. The hunter is invulnerable and only wants to kill. For the most recent season of Stranger Things, Microsoft relaunched Windows 1.11 as an app tie-in to the show. Inside were eight mini-games with Easter Eggs, and there were various glitches related to the Upside Down. Camp Know Where, which is part of this season, was a real camp as well.