STMicroelectronics Sampling New Set-Top Box Chip

Hot on the heels of Broadcom's announcement STB SoC yesterday, STMicroelectronics has announced the STi5107. Integration of the latest security specifications seem to be the biggest selling point of the new chip, although other performance enhancements have been added.

STMicroelectronics, the world's largest supplier of silicon chips for set-top boxes (STB)*, has announced the STi5107, a new MPEG decoder for standard definition TV, within the Company's OMEGA family of STB solutions. Using the new device, manufacturers will be able to cut their total component cost and simplify board design and assembly, while offering enhanced security features. The STi5107 is designed to address the requirements of the mainstream STB market, where it provides a unified, single-device platform for set-top boxes ranging from basic low-cost products up to MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) applications, for satellite, cable, and terrestrial services and plug-in TV modules.

While ST one of the largest suppliers of silicon chips for set-top boxes (STB), the Broadcom offering was more appealing to me.

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