Steam Summer Sale ‘21 Deals Kick Off Today With Outer Worlds, Battlefield 4 And More Up For Grabs

steam summer sale 2021 kicks off today
Summer is here, and for many people, that means vacations, beaches, grilling, and whatever else you may associate with warm weather activities. For the nerds among us, however, summer also means a seasonal Steam sale to stock up on games you may not otherwise get an opportunity to play, due to budget constraints. That is right, the Steam Summer sale has finally come back around, and it is time to line your library with some new titles on sale…

As with all the Steam Sales, the Steam Summer ’21 Sale has a theme that is focused on “forg[ing] your fate.” Throughout the sale, which runs from June 24th through July 8th, players can browse game categories and follow a choose your own adventure-type storyline as they do so. Then, Steam will reward players with stickers and badges for completing the event. However, this is not what you likely came here for, so let us look at just a couple of the more notable games on sale…

Battlefield 4 On The Cheap

bf4 steam summer sale 2021 kicks off today

While we wait on Battlefield 2042 to come out, a good option to hold you over and cut your teeth on in the meantime is Battlefield 4. For just $7.99, you can jump into modern-era battles around the world with a healthy player base. You can also pick up the “Ultimate Shortcut Bundle” for $9.99 to get a jump start on unlocking things. If this sounds fun, we cannot wait to see you on the battlefield.

Rust, Now With NVIDIA DLSS

rust steam summer sale 2021 kicks off today

Earlier this week, we mentioned that Rust was getting DLSS-functionality on July 1st. For a game that is updated as often with features like this, it is a steal of a deal to get this game at $19.99, which is $20 off regular price. If you want to jump in, you can enjoy PvE and PvP experiences in the survival sandbox. Just keep an eye out for the naked fresh spawns, as they can do quite a bit of damage with the rock they have.

It Takes Two For A Lot Less

itt steam summer sale 2021 kicks off today

If you are less into PvP, you and a friend (for free) can enjoy the co-op game It Takes Two for $29.99. The story follows a “clashing couple Cody and May, two humans turned into dolls by a magic spell,” who must work together to escape a “fantastical world where the unpredictable hides around every corner.” As far as co-op games go, this one seems like quite a lot of fun, especially for gaming couples.

The Outer Worlds For 60% Off? Yes Space Colonists

the outer worlds steam summer sale 2021 kicks off today

Perhaps adventuring and RPGs are more your speed, and as such, The Outer Worlds at just $23.99 (60% off) is a great choice. In this award-winning game from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division, players will explore a space colony while making decisions that will affect who their character becomes along the way. These decisions will then shape the player-driven story of conspiracy, power grabs, and aliens.

If none of these deals pique your interest, however, the Steam store is large enough that there should be something out there for everyone. In searching across genres, if you happen to stumble upon a deal we did not mention, shout it out in the comments below so others can benefit as well.