Valve Takes A Joyous Trip Down Gaming Memory Lane, Celebrating Steam's 20th Birthday

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You have a good sleep last night? Wake up feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? Well here's something to sap the energy from your step: Valve's digital game distribution platform Steam has just turned 20 years old. While it was originally just a client for managing and updating Valve's own games, Steam has gone on to become the world's foremost digital delivery platform for PC games, and also a social media service of sorts in its own right.

To celebrate the anniversary, Valve has put up a page that goes over the history of Steam, including some of the biggest game launches of each year. Most of those games aren't just listed in the chronology, though—they're also on sale. There are some huge sales on some crazy-good games, so you're definitely missing out if you don't check out the anniversary site.

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Unsurprisingly, the games on the biggest sales are Valve's own games, some of which are as cheap as they have ever been. You can pick up every game Valve's ever released for just $11, which is a heck of a lot of quality FPS action for the money. Tons of other legendary titles are on deep discount too, though. Cult classic Just Cause 2 is on sale for $3.74, and if you somehow don't own Terraria yet, it's half-off at $5 right now.

Extremely-moddable military sim ARMA III is 80% off at $6, Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel is 75% off at $10, and you can grab Cities: Skylines for just $6 right now. If Starfield isn't tickling your fancy, space-sim Elite: Dangerous is available for $7.50. The ever-popular Grand Theft Auto V is 56% off at $26.39, and Tekken 7 is marked down to $9.99—likely due to the impending release of its Unreal Engine 5 successor in a few months.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is just $12.

There a few other big sales running along with the anniversary celebration, too. The Assassin's Creed franchise is marked down as much as 90% off, and the Call of Duty series is also celebrating its 20th anniversary, with a concurrent sale to match. Similarly, you can pick up Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which rolls up the three original games with their DLCs in a slightly-updated package, for just $12.

Did you pick up Steam as soon as Valve released it, or did you resist digital distribution? Maybe you still are. Let us know in the comments what you think about Steam after 20 years. Likewise, If you browse the sale, let us know if you spot anything particularly well-priced that we didn't pick out.
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