State Farm Goes All In On TikTok For Super Bowl Ads And You Could Co-Star With Jake

statefarm tiktok
Have you ever wanted to star in a TV commercial, and one that airs during the Super Bowl no less?  As it turns out, State Farm is giving folks the chance to show off your TikTok chops for an opportunity to do just that.

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to post short video clips of their creative abilities. Some people showcase themselves, while others take the opportunity to put their pets in the spotlight. The trick to gaining followers usually entails getting one of your clips to go viral. Some have done challenges, like the sleepy chicken (which is absurd and not recommended to try), in order to try and get noticed. Now, State Farm is giving users a unique opportunity to gain stardom not only on TikTok, but on TV as well.

State Farm commissions NFL athlete stars such as Patrick Mahommes and Aaron Rodgers in its commercials, to sell consumers on the claimed benefits of saving money with its insurance products. Last year, it recruited stars like Drake and Paul Rudd to play in ads during the Super Bowl. But this year, the company is going in a different direction. It is taking the air time to focus on its search for someone to star in a commercial with Jake himself.

tiktok jake statefarm
In the post on jakefromstatefarm's TikTok page, the charming co-star Jake asks, "Ever wanted to be in a commercial with me?" He transitions from being a State Farm agent selling insurance, to a talent scout looking for the next big star. In the post, you are directed to utilize TikTok's duet feature and create an audition tape of sorts, while using the #TeamStateFarm hashtag. On Super Bowl Sunday, the top three entries will be showcased at the top of Jake's TikTok page. Then other users of the platform will be asked to like the video of their choice, and the top vote gatherer will be selected to star in an official State Farm commercial.

In a statement, Alyson Griffin, VP Of Marketing at State Farm, said, "Rather than focus solely on one day and a traditional on-air spot, which admittedly was a huge success for us last year, we decided to tap into the ongoing excitement of #TeamStateFarm to extend engagement from the regular season into the postseason and beyond."

It is no surprise that State Farm is tapping into the explosive growth of TikTok to try and reach a younger audience. Credit reporting agency TransUnion showed that Gen Z and millennials spent more last year on car insurance, while showing a dip in Baby Boomers and Gen X. The insurance company has already acquired over 200k followers, and even more likes on TikTok.

In a statement, State Farm said that The Marketing Arm, a State Farm marketing partner that created last year's Super Bowl ad, focused this year on TikTok "to meet the next generation of consumers by showing up where they're spending their time and in spaces that they're interested in."

So, if you have ever wanted to be in a commercial with Jake, or simply want the opportunity to show the world your TikTok creative abilities, now is your time. Head over to the jakefromstatefarm TikTok page and take your shot for a chance at 60 seconds (or less) of fame. Perhaps one day we will all be asking you, does everyone get the "your name here" rate?