Starting Sunday, Save $100 on Touchscreen Windows 8 PCs at Best Buy

Windows 8 sales may have gotten off to somewhat of a slow start, but has since sold 60 million copies, which includes both individual licenses and new PC sales with Windows 8 pre-installed. That figure may get a boost in the coming weeks as Best Buy starts offering discounts on touchscreen PCs.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Best Buy on Sunday is kicking off a two-week promotion offering $100 off the purchase of touchcreen laptops and desktops running Windows 8. Microsoft couldn't be happier about it.

Vizio PC

"Touch unlocks an entirely new way to interact with Windows that we believe represents the future of computing," Janelle Poole, marketing communications senior director for Windows, said in a statement. "We’re pleased to see how retailers such as Best Buy are promoting this at their stores, including their latest promotion that starts this weekend."

Touch is proving integral to the Windows 8 experience. Best Buy recently surveyed buyers of Windows 8 PCs and asked how they felt about the OS. Of those who bought a touchscreen system, 74 percent indicated they liked Windows "somewhat" or "very much," versus just 53 percent who bought a non-touch system.