Starfield Easter Egg Is A Nod To Skyrim Fans And Could Be A Pain In The Knee

hero starfield
If you're reading this text right now, there is a considerable chance that you're a PC gamer, and if that's true, then there's a nearly-equal chance that you've played Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls Part V: Skyrim. The game was a gigantic hit, and brought the company's already-popular fantasy game series out of a niche audience and into the true mainstream, with even prime-time TV referencing the "arrow to the knee" joke.

Indeed, that particular reference to Skyrim is about as worn-out as it gets. Still, if anyone's allowed to make that joke anymore, it's surely Bethesda itself. The company's new release, Starfield, technically doesn't launch for another four days, but it's playable right now if you purchased the Premium edition of the game, or get it from Game Pass.

Folks have already been digging up every secret buried in the title, and that includes various Easter eggs, but since you read the headline, we probably don't have to explain what exactly the Easter egg in question is about. We will anyway, though: there are multiple "arrow to the knee" references in Starfield, and these are just the ones people have found in the first day.

crippling icons

First up is the obvious one: as soon as you exit the very beginning tutorial area of the game, you can access the skills, and right there in the list is the "crippling" skill that allows players to focus on mangling the joints of enemies to reduce their ability to fight. The icons for the crippling skill are extremely blatant with the reference; anyone who checks out this skill is almost assuredly going to notice.

Over on Reddit, /u/Kinevi1 found this line of incidental dialogue from a randomly-generated colonist on one of their outposts. While it isn't the same line word for word, it's an obvious reference to Skyrim, and a cute callback at that. As commenter /u/Terijian says on their post, "there was a zero percent chance that wouldn't be referenced in this game."

It's interesting to consider that Skyrim came out almost twelve years ago now. Many of the people playing Starfield likely experienced it as children or teenagers, and that even could include some of the people that worked on the game. While we might find the "arrow to the knee" joke overplayed and tiresome, it's possible that these people see it as a nostalgic callback to one of the games of their youth.

Starfield hasn't even been available to players for 24 hours yet, but we bet that there are thousands of people (if not tens of thousands) who have spent every waking minute since the game's launch playing it. What interesting finds have you made, readers? Let us know in the comments.