Starfield Is Getting A Massive Shattered Space Expansion Plus A Surprise Patch

starfield update hero
Bethesda had some surprises in store for fans of its latest franchise, Starfield, which it showed off during this year’s Xbox Showcase. Not only did the company unveil the upcoming Shattered Space expansion, but revealed that it will also be delivering a significant June update with several new features.

One of the most exciting aspects of this June update is official support for mods via what the company is referring to as Creations. Bethesda says that “anyone in the community can make Creations and upload them to the Creations platform for people to enjoy.” However, it won’t just be members of the community who participate, as the studio itself will be making Creations content as well. Individuals who make content for this new service will even be able to monetize their submissions if they choose to do so.

Starfield fans will be getting new gameplay modes in this June update, too. The Tracking Alliance will be a set of new missions available to players where they will be tasked to hunt down different individuals. The first mission is free but, it appears as if Bethesda will be monetizing further missions. To enhance these new missions, players will be getting the Bounty Scanner System, which will help identify characters in the world who have a bounty out on their heads.

Moreover, improvements are coming to melee weapons and ammunition crafting. Melee weapons will have additional tiers and it will now be possible to improve them further at a crafting bench. Meanwhile, ammunition will be more plentiful as players will be able research different ammo types and then make more at an Industrial Workbench.

As for the Shattered Space DLC, Bethesda says players will “explore a new location, take on new enemies and experience the story of House Va’ruun.” The trailer sets an ominous tone that looks to bring some creepy vibes to Starfield. Unfortunately, there’s no official release date, with the company saying the expansion is coming sometime in 2024.

Bethesda has made statements about wanting Starfield to achieve maximum longevity, similar to some of its other storied franchises. With this latest update and the upcoming Shattered Space the company shows it’s serious about reaching that goal.