Starcraft 2 to Be a Trilogy: Bilzzard

Rob Pardo, executive vice-president of game design at Blizzard announced at BlizzCon 2008 that they realized during the design of Starcraft 2 that the campaign was becoming so large, they faced the choice of delaying the game or scaling it back. Instead, the campaign version of the game will be a trilogy, with each part focusing on a separate race. The trilogy will be, in this order:
  • Terrans - Wings of Liberty
  • Zerg - Heart of the Swarm
  • Protoss - Legacy of the Void

No pricing or release details were announced. However, each game is promised to have 26-30 missions, and a self-contained story. Pardo added that while to some the last two chapters may feel like expansion packs, the company will not skimp on content.
"We really want them to feel like standalone products."
As the original game had 30 missions, if they keep their promise on the number of missions, length-wise, these would definitely be the length of a regular game, not expansions. Still, we will miss being able to play the other two races in the first release.  And if they're priced at the typical "blockbuster game" price that seems to hover in the $60 range, we'll be annoyed at that.

Meanwhile, while we pine for a release date, here are some new trailers released at BlizzCon.

Protoss vs. Terrans:
Zerg vs. Terrans: