Star Wars Battlefront’s Epic Multiplayer Beta Kicks Off In October For PC, PS4 And Xbox One

It’s just about time to switch off your targeting computer and let the Force guide you into EA’s epic new battle game. A tweet from EA this morning assured Star Wars fans that not only is EA planning a Beta of Star Wars: Battlefront, it will be an open Beta. You could be taking down AT-AT walkers in the early days of October, well ahead of the official November 17 launch.

Star Wars Battlefront 1

EA plans to make Star Wars: Battlefront Beta available for PC (via Origin) as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Beta will feature two modules, often called missions, including the Survival Mission on Tatooine. (You’ll be able to play the mission on other planets once the full version of the game is available.) You play a rebel fending off multiple waves of storm troopers and sundry bad guys while keeping an eye out for Drop Pods that can give you the gear you need to survive.

The other mission in the Beta is Walker Assault on Hoth. Where the Survival mission will be a one-player or two-player game, Walker Assault on Hoth is a 20 vs 20 matchup in which you can play on the rebel or Empire side. Under the right conditions, you can actually get into an AT-AT and man its guns.

There’s going to be one more module for Star Wars fans to check out, but EA is keeping things close to the marketing vest on that one, saying only this in its announcement today: “In addition to the two battle simulations will be a new mode appropriately named ‘Drop Zone.’ More details on that in the weeks ahead.” Sigh. 

Star Wars Battlefront 2

EA is also releasing the Star Wars Battlefront Companion when the Beta arrives. The companion includes the Base Command card game and also lets you get in-game notifications. The Companion will be an app for Android and iOS.