Killer SSD Deals To Kick Off Your 2024 Storage Game Plan Right

WD_Black SN750 SE SSD on a dotted background.
It's a brand new year and, if you're a gamer, chances are high that your PC games library swelled in the waning moments of 2023. That's because Steam, Epic, and other digital distribution platforms closed out the year with tantalizing sales, which are still ongoing by the way. So, you might find yourself suddenly in need of a storage upgrade. If that's the case, we have good news—a whole bunch of solid state drives (SSDs) are up for grabs at great prices.

For anyone who just needs a modest boost in storage space and doesn't want to spend a ton, the 500GB WD_BLack SN750 SE is on sale for $44.99 at Amazon (61% off the MSRP). That puts it squarely into affordable territory, and as a bonus, it comes with a game code for Battlefield 2042 for some additional value.

Granted, the SN750 SE is not the fastest SSD on the market, but it is peppy. Leveraging the PCI Express 4.0 bus, it serves up sequential read speeds of up to 3,600MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 2,000MB/s. Meanwhile, 4K random read and write performance check in at 360,000 IOPS and 480,000 IOPS, respectively.

Crucial T500 SSD sitting on top of a PS5 console with a DualSense controller off to the side.

Need or want something faster and/or more capacious while still hitting a high value proposition? One of the best bargains in SSD storage right now is Crucial's 1TB T500 SSD for $73.99 at Amazon (56% off). Compared to the WD model above, you're getting double the storage at 1TB versus 512GB, at less than double the price. It's also one of the fastest PCIe 4.0 models on the market.

Just how fast, you ask? Sequential reads on the T500 ramp up to 7,300MB/s while sequential writes are rated to hit 6,800MB/s. And as for random 4K reads and writes, those balloon to 1,150,000 IOPS and 1,440,000 IOPS, respectively.

In case the image didn't clue you in, the T500 is compatible with PlayStation 5 consoles, too. It meets the speed and size requirements so if you're more of a console gamer, this is a cost-effective way to upgrade your PS5 with more storage.

Holding a Silicon Power UD90 SSD over a motherboard.

If that's still not enough storage, there are bargains to be had in 4TB capacity as well. One example is Silicon Motion's 4TB UD90 SSD that's on sale for $157.97 (31% off). 4TB is generally the cut-off point before pricing gets too wild, and this is one of the cheaper options available in this capacity.

In addition to being capacious, it's also reasonably fast—it boasts up to 5,000MB/s for sequential reads and 4,500MB/s for sequential writes. That falls just short of Sony's 5,500MB/s sequential read baseline for PS5 upgrades, but for PC gaming, content creation chores, and productivity, the UD90 offers enough horsepower to never feel slow.

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