This Squirrel With A Gun Steam Game Could Be The Next Hilarious Viral Hit

squirrel with a gun pistol
As we move into fall we can look outside and see the colors of tree leaves changing, the birds migrating, the squirrels holding up people with a gun. Yeah, you read that right. An independent developer has Tweeted about his passion project, a game aptly titled Squirrel with a Gun. The Unreal Engine 5 sandbox game focuses on exploration and shooting combat, with a squirrel that happens to be carrying a firearm. Sweet.

The game is being built by developer Daniel DeEntromont, who mentions on his twitter that by day he works at effects studio Muse VFX, currently responsible for the VFX on the popular shows Teen Wolf and What We Do in the Shadows. By night, Daniel spends his time figuring out just how a squirrel might weild an uzi. The end result is actually pretty entertaining.
Squirrels are quite lightweight creatures, and as such, the recoil of a firearm could have significant effects on the squirrels ability to maintain it's position. This is a physics aspect that was clearly taken into account, if you watch the small preview video lovingly crafted by Daniel wherein the squirrel takes flight by just pointing an uzi at the ground and firing. No word yet on if there is fall damage, though if the subreddit r/aww is to be believed, many squirrels land with a superhero landing, so you'll probably be fine.

This definitely isn't the first weapon wielding squirrel in video games, however. One twitter user responded to Dan's Steam page post mentioning this was the Conker's Bad Fur Day sequel he's been looking for. To which the indie developer responded with an alternate outfit of his adorable squirrel model wearing a blue sweater and sneakers while wielding a pistol.

squirrel with a gun conkers bad fur day outfit
Squirrel from Squirrel With A Gun in Conker's Bad Fur Day Outfit

Games like this also raise something of an interesting topic in terms of the state of video games today. Access to significantly powerful engines at no initial cost, like Unreal Engine or Unity, seem to be creating an almost-renaissance for indie developers. It creates a significantly lower barrier to entry and there have been a number of impressive games that just have floated to the surface and become mega popular thanks to that availability. Games like ARK: Survival Evolved, Valheim, Among Us, and V Rising.

The developer of Squirrel with a Gun and the public are having fun with the idea of this game. There is a more serious question raised here, however: how do we know there aren't just squirrels hoarding firearms in their homes ready to rise up and overthrow the humans? Hopefully this is purely comedy and not premonition. Regardless, we are going to keep an eye out for murderous rodentia on our walks through the local park, just in case. If you're interested in Squirrel with a Gun, you can wishlist it on Steam.