Spyware Brings In The Money

As much as you may hate it, there are those who love Spyware. To be more precise, the owners of such businesses as Direct Revenue, love Spyware. While they may be raking in the money, people everywhere are spending frustrating hours trying to remove Direct Revenue's type of software from their computers. Though Congress has been trying to clamp down on the massive amounts of Spyware circulating around the net, the millions of dollars in revenue those pesky programs bring in make it hard to predict any end in sight.

"This explains the vitriol aimed at Direct Revenue. The company, located in a loft above a clothing boutique in New York's hip SoHo district, has been a pioneer in a seamy corner of the booming Net advertising industry. Although it is small by some corporate standards, having generated sales of about $100 million since its start in 2002, its programs have burrowed into nearly 100 million computers and produced billions of pop-up ads."
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