Sprint Named Most Reliable Network

We’re accustomed to hearing reasons why one cellular carrier is better than another, but now, Sprint has even more of a reason to brag. According to a 3G comparison test conducted by PC World, Sprint has the most reliable network, beating out Verizon and AT&T in 13 cities examined by the magazine. This test is good news for Sprint and backs up the company’s claim of having the “most dependable 3G network.”

PC World conducted the tests in March and April in 13 major markets around the country. Cities included in the test were Boston, Baltimore, New York, Orlando, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, New Orleans, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, and San Jose. Testers measured download speeds, upload speeds, and reliability in each test market.

In every market, Sprint beat AT&T for reliability. Sprint was also found to be more reliable than Verizon with a strong connection 90.5% of the time. Sprint earned perfect scores in connection tests in Boston, Denver, and Seattle. In most markets, Sprint also was competitive with Verizon and AT&T on download speeds and was determined to be notably faster with better reliability in Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, and San Diego.

As you’ll recall, Sprint is also leading the way in next generation 4G services. The company already offers 4G services in Baltimore and plans to launch the service in other major markets sometime this year. With its fast speeds, 4G promises an even better browsing experience than is available today.