Sprint Debuts New Prepaid Plans, $60 For Unlimited Everything

It’s by no means a volley in a massive price war, but Sprint has revised its prepaid phone plans, which is good timing as AT&T is in the midst of doing the same (albeit by acquiring Cricket to add to its Aio Wireless stable).

Actually, Sprint’s new plans put it right about on par with what Aio Wireless offers. Aio has an unlimited talk and text plan with 5GB of “high speed” data for $60 a month, and Sprint’s unlimited everything prepaid plan is also $60.

Sprint prepaid phones

For $45 monthly, smartphone users can also have unlimited talk and text with no data, which seems to be a niche plan at best and a simply terrible one at worst. Users on the new Sprint Prepaid plans are limited on the hardware side to the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, Motorola Moto G, or a pre-owned iPhone 4S.

For non-smartphone users, Sprint is offering a $35 per month plan that include 500 minutes of talk time and unlimited texts and data as well as $50 per month unlimited everything plan.
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