Sprint CEO Considers Hiking 'Unlimited Everything' Pricing Or Killing It Altogether

Sprint has put a lot of time and effort into promoting truly unlimited data, and to the wireless carrier's credit, it's a big selling point over the competition. Heck, it's the sole reason I'm a Sprint subscriber today, otherwise I'd be enjoying better coverage over on Verizon. Be that as it may, Sprint boss Marcelo Claure hinted that changes are coming, either in the form of price hikes or eliminating unlimited data altogether.

"There will be a time when it might not be economically viable for us to offer unlimited [data], but for now we're okay. For the next few months, unlimited continues," Claure said. "We might increase prices towards the latter part of the year, and we might eliminate it in the future."

Sprint Unlimited

Claure talked about making Sprint a "more efficient company," one that's growing and doesn't reduce its workforce. The CEO is focused on company growth and improving Sprint's network, and a casualty of that direction could be unlimited data.

At present, Sprint sells an "Unlimited Everything" plan that includes unlimited talk, texting, and data for $80 per month. Apple iPhone users can sign up for a special rate of $50. However, the unlimited bonanza is something that Sprint's previous CEO Dan Hesse was big on. By offering unlimited data, Hesse was able to make Sprint stand out from the competition, even though the wireless carrier's coverage isn't the best in the business.

Claure apparently sees it as a costly offering. Sprint's recent promise not to throttle data in the wake of AT&T being fined $100 million by the FCC for intentionally slowing down connections for grandfathered unlimited data subscribers after going over a data cap may also be playing a role in Claure's thought process.