So Why Would You Want Spotify Duo With Your Significant Other?

Spotify Premium Duo
For a few extra bucks per month, Spotify is offering a new Premium Duo streaming music tier aimed at couples who live under the same roof, and who may not necessarily share the same tastes in music. It is a welcome addition, particularly if you find yourself wondering why your carefully curated playlist keeps getting invaded by tracks you have no interest in listening to (like anything by Keith Urban).

What the new Premium Duo tier basically amounts to is a bundling of two Premium subscriptions, though what you get is actually a bit more nuanced. Namely, a feature called Duo Mix.

"Premium Duo subscribers can listen to their own playlists anytime, individually, uninterrupted, and get access to the exclusive Duo Mix, a regularly updated playlist made just for the two of them to discover audio they both love," Spotify explains.

It's also cheaper—whereas each Premium subscription costs $9.99 (so $19.98 for two of them), Premium Duo runs $12.99 per month. The new tier fills the gap between Premium and a Family subscription, which runs $14.99 per month and allows for up to six individual users.

Is it worth the $3 up-charge, though? That depends on how your music tastes align, or do not align, with your significant other or roommate. According to Spotify, 73 percent of couples groove out to tunes as a way of "remembering happy memories," and 63 percent listen to music together as a way "building their identity or creating memory moments."

The Duo Mix feature is an attempt to foster this sort of thing, between couples. It's a shared playlist combining music that you and your significant other listen to, with an attempt to add tracks that Spotify thinks you both will like. It takes about two weeks of listening to music for Duo Mix to populate a playlist.

Spotify is offering the new Premium Duo plan now. For users who are not already Premium members, it is free to try for the first month.