Spotify Offers Free Google Home Mini To All Premium Subscribers

spotify home mini
Spotify has announced that is it bringing back its Google Home Mini offer, but this time around, the offer is available to more subscribers. Spotify Premium subscribers on Premium Individual and Premium Family master accounts can now get the free Google Home Mini.

The caveat is that the giveaway is while supplies last, and there is no indication of how many Home Mini devices are available. The giveaway is available to both new and existing Spotify Premium users. That means if you only signed up today, you are still eligible.

The free giveaway started today, October 22, 2019. Last year the deal was only offered for Premium for Family users. When Spotify is combined with the Google Home Mini, users can use voice commands to listen to specific songs or play specific playlists. If you want to hear Stevie Ray Vaughan's cover of "Voodoo Child," just say "Hey Google, play Stevie Ray Vaughan Voodoo Child," and the song will play.

Spotify says that users can use commands like "Hey Google, play Disco Forever playlist," and so on. If you received a Google Home Mini under the deal last year, you can't get another. Family Premium plans have parental controls to prevent kids from hearing music with explicit lyrics. This year has been a big one for Spotify surpassing 100 million Premium paid subscribers. All together with the streaming service has more than 217 million listeners in 79 countries.