Spotify Gives Android Users Free Unlimited Stations

It looks like Pandora, and smells like Pandora, and tastes like Pandora, but it’s not Pandora--it’s Spotify. The music streaming service, which already offered free streaming and the ability to create Pandora-like radio stations on computers and iOS devices (the latter as of June), announced today that Android users will get to enjoy unlimited radio stations, as well.

Spotify has an impressive catalog, so artist-based radio stations equipped with the ability for users to skip tracks they don’t like with a thumbs down or give tracks a thumbs up to ensure they come around again is a marvelous way to discover new music.

The Spotify Android app

As you might expect, premium users will enjoy an ad-free listening experience, while freeloaders will be subjected to occasional ad breaks. Further, Spotify lets paying users go back and stream songs on demand that they’ve liked from the “Liked From Radio” playlist on their mobile devices, which is a nice touch. With a free account, you can do the same but can only access those tunes from the desktop version of Spotify.

Pandora still has a large user base, but Spotify is clearly moving on on that territory.