Spoiled Kids Want an iPad for Christmas, Will Settle for an iPod or iPhone

Wondering what to get your little ones for Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, or just because)? Well then, pay no attention to market research firm Nielsen if you're currently torn between a skateboard or a bicycle. Either of those will get your kids out of the house and moving around, which is a good thing for this generation. But if you're looking to score hipster parent points by getting them something they actually want, then stop being foolish and start turning your attention to electronic gadgets.

This iHoliday, as Nielsen now calls it, is dominated by Apple devices on nearly every kid's wish list. Of those ages 6-12 years told, 44 percent want an iPad. Too rich for your blood? You could also choose an iPod touch (30 percent) or iPhone (27 percent), and will still be getting them a top three wish list item.

If your kid is a teenager, there's a good chance he or she also wants iPad (24 percent). The second most wished for item among teens is a new computer, and if you fancy yourself a good parent, you'll go with that instead and pre-load it with Skyrim or Batman: Arkham City.

Interestingly, teens are also showing a strong interest in eReaders this year. At 18 percent, it's tied for second place, maybe because they already have an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Wii console. But hey, whatever the reason, we'll always take it as a positive when teens show an interest in reading.