Splashtop MeeGo Remix Brings Instant-On To Intel/Nokia OS

You've heard of DeviceVM. You may not know of it, but if you follow netbooks, notebooks and/or operating systems, you've probably heard of a little thing called "Splashtop," an instant-on OS that has made its made onto a great many machines now. But the world is changing--CPUs are getting faster, operating systems are getting lighter, and it's becoming more and more important for instant-on OS makers to really prove their worth.

In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, DeviceVM has decided to support Intel and Nokia's mishmash system, MeeGo. The Linux-based system is apt to boom in the coming months and years, particularly as Intel gets Moorestown and Oak Trail platforms out and into the wild. The new system will be called Splashtop MeeGo Remix, which is described as an "enhanced version of the award-winning Splashtop instant-on software platform already shipping on millions of devices worldwide." So, what does enhanced get you?

Well, it's based on the MeeGo v1.0 platform, and while it offers the same core benefits as the normal Splashtop system (which means a lightning fast boot), it'll also do the same now for an OS that is promised to be even lighter than most others on the market. Will users actually need instant-on support for devices with mobile operating systems? It's hard to say right now, but surely the market will speak in time.

Via:  Business Wire
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