Oops! Spider-Man 2 Official Patch Leaks Upcoming DLC, Can Wreck Game Saves

spiderman2 bugged hero
The latest update for Spider-Man 2 not only brought highly anticipated additions to the game such as New Game+, it also accidentally included a developer menu that can destroy game saves and trophy progress. Developer Insomniac Games confirmed this on social media, saying that “we're aware the latest game update may have inadvertently allowed access to a development game menu. There's a hotfix on the way.”

Of course, gamers immediately found this slip up and used the developer menu to get a glimpse at possible upcoming DLC. The menu reveals in detail an arc of DLC Insomniac Games appears to be working on. However, it’s impossible to say if this DLC is actually what the developer intends on releasing as plans during development can quickly change. It might also just be a remnant of testing done during the game’s development. The DLC that appears will not be included in this article, as spoilers suck.

spiderman2 bugged body

More worrying is that digging around this developer menu can lead to a player ruining their own game saves or trophy progress. It will undoubtedly bring pain to gamers who are curious about having access to this tool without knowing the repercussions. Hopefully the communication about this possibility spreads quickly enough to prevent this from happening to a large part of the Spider-Man 2 player base.

Insomniac Games is one of Sony’s development studios recently hit by layoffs. Is this mishap a result of the development team being impacted by the reduction in staff? It might be something that fans of Sony’s first-party games will need to be on the lookout for as time passes. As it seems there will be an increasing likelihood of updates like this one coming out in an era where development teams may be getting stretched thin.