SpaceX Falcon 9 Rockets Over Falcon Heavy In Amazing Launch Video Display

spacex celebrates 50th launch of 2023 and 250th launch overall with stellar photos
Earlier this week, SpaceX had anticipated launching two rockets back-to-back just 44 minutes apart, which would set the record for the fastest time between launches. However, the SpaceX Falcon Heavy that was second in line had some delays that pushed its launch back into the evening. Despite this setback, the events yielded some stunning photography out of Cape Canaveral, FL.

Just after midnight, on the morning of the 28th, SpaceX lit the candle on its Falcon 9 rocket, sending 22 Starlink satellites into low-Earth orbit. Aside from the regular feat of lobbing satellites into orbit, this was a rather special launch as it was SpaceX’s 50th mission of 2023. Of course, you can watch the launch on YouTube to enjoy the full event, but even more impressive than that were some perfectly timed and placed photographs of the launch. Posted to the company’s social media sites, you can see the Falcon 9 soaring over its Heavy sibling and later punching through the clouds, creating a vortex.

Following this, the Falcon Heavy dusted off later at 11:04 pm carrying the Hughes JUPITER 3 satellite bound for a geosynchronous transfer orbit. This launch was also special because it was SpaceX’s 250th successful mission overall. To mark the occasion, some stellar photography was taken of this launch, too, showing the Heavy blasting off from Launch Complex 39A and flying over one of its forebearers, the Mercury Redstone rocket.

You can also catch this launch on YouTube, but the pictures are breathtaking, and being in person for any of them is more than worthwhile. We highly recommend the trip if you ever find yourself in the area of Cape Canaveral, but for now, these amazing photos will have to do.