Sony's PlayStation 4 Rumored To Ship In 2012

Here's one you should definitely take with a grain of salt, but then again, a grain of "well, duh" wouldn't hurt either. Sony has built three PlayStation consoles to date. History would tell us that a fourth is on the way, the only question being "When?" Now, leaks and rumors are starting build surrounding the next generation PS console, with DigiTimes suggesting that PlayStation 4 development / production could start at the end of this year.

Given that Nintendo's already hard at work on the Wii U, Sony shouldn't be too far behind with their next-generation console. The PS4, according to unnamed Taiwanese production companies, will first hit the lines in late-2011 and then ship to consumers in 2012. Reportedly, Foxconn and Pegatron Technology will be responsible for PS4 assembly, just as they are for the PS3. If all goes well, we could see 20 million of 'em shipping, according to those same sources.

Only time will tell, but does it have you rethinking your impending PS3 purchase?