Sony's 13.3-inch e-Ink Digital Paper Notepad Tablet Hands-On Demo

Sony and E Ink have collaborated on a brilliant digital paper 13.3-inch notepad tablet that’s designed as an A4 size equivalent. The flexible-display device uses E Ink Mobius technology, and Sony’s part appears to be primarily on the mass production side.

DigInfo.Tv shot a demo video of the tablet in action, and the device is impressive. Unlike the tablets we usually see, which boast colorful graphics and glass displays and are designed for multimedia, this one is perfect for note-taking at universities, law firms, and the like.

Sony E Ink notepad

The responsiveness to pen input looks decent, although ideally it would be a little faster still, but the lightweight (358g) and thin (6.8mm) device features a 1200x1600 pixel display, and a whopping three weeks of battery life.

Further, instead of glass, the display is made of plastic, which is (allegedly) more durable, not to mention far less likely to break when someone drops it. You can draw lines on PDFs and highlight sections of text and page through your file with a finger, and you can also rest your hand on it while you write, which is a seemingly small but incredibly important innovation.

There’s no word on pricing, but the companies are planning pilot programs at a few overseas universities soon, and there will be a commercial version available later this year.