Sony Unveils VAIO Fit Line of Entry-Level Laptops

Sony has a new line of entry-level notebooks bearing the VAIO Fit moniker, and they’re aimed at both businesses and students. Models include the VAIO Fit 14 and 15 and the VAIO Fit 14E and 15E; all are designed to be “super” thin and light with tough aluminum shells for better durability.

The Fit 14 model has an LED-backlit display resolution of 1600x900 while the Fit 15 offers Full HD 1920x1080; both include color enhancement technology and an optional capacitive touchscreen. Their webcams feature Exmore R CMOS sensors for better performance in low light.

Sony Vaio Fit 14E

Sony is emphasizing the notebooks’ audio prowess, as they feature ClearAudio+ sound which is designed to offer better bass and highs without the distortion we’re used to hearing from laptop speakers. The Fit 15E also has a subwoofer.

The whole line of notebooks feature up to third-generation Intel Core i7 processors and 4GB to 12GB of RAM as well as quick charge and Rapid Wake functionality, NFC capabilities, and ArtRage Studio and Sony Imagination Studio on board. They offer NVIDIA graphics (2GB), 500GB to 1GB Hybrid HDD and SSD (Fit 14 and 15 only), and Blu-ray optical drive options, as well.

Sony VAIO Fit 14

The family of notebooks will start at $649 and $699 for the Fit 14 and Fit 15 (available in black, pink, and silver) and $549 and $579 for the Fit 14E and Fit 15E (available in black, pink, and white)