Sony Treat Code Scavenger Hunt Is Your Chance To Win A PlayStation 5

ps5 giveaway
As gamers still struggle to get their hands on a next-gen console, Sony is giving them a chance to win a PS5. But it isn't as simple as liking a tweet. No, you will have to participate in a scavenger hunt for hidden codes to gain entries.

Sony may have taken a page from Intel with its latest giveaway in having participants search for clues on social media. Intel recently wrapped up its own scavenger hunt, which gave 300 people the opportunity to win an upcoming Arc Alchemist GPU. While Sony is not being quite as generous with its giveaway, it will give gamers an opportunity to win 1 of 126 PS5 consoles that are being given away.

The hunt for a series of 14 unique codes resembling PlayStation controller inputs began yesterday, February 15th. The codes will appear on social media channels, and as Sony states in its blog, "in unexpected places around the world". These unexpected places could include high-profile events involving sports, gaming, film, and music. Every time you find a code, you will be able to enter to win a PS5 console. If you are lucky enough to find them all, you will have 14 entries to possibly win.

While finding the codes may take a little work on your part, entering them is fairly simple. Once you find a code, you will need to input it correctly on the Treat Codes page on PlayStation's website after signing up. Contestants will have until March 7th at 10am PST to find all the codes and input them. If you input the correct code, you will be prompted to answer a question relevant in the quest for that code.

You will want to visit the Treat Codes page to read all the rules for the contest, as well as to ensure you are in a country that is eligible.

With next-gen consoles still very difficult to come by, this could be your opportunity to finally get one. While you may not be lucky enough to land one the 126 consoles being given away, you might just have a bit of fun finding all the codes. And remember, you have to be in it to win it!