Sony To Rear Projection TV-It's Not You, It's Me

In a move that will no doubt send double-door armoire makers into a death spiral, Sony announced today that they would stop manufacturing rear-projection televisions next year.

 Sony said it would focus its resources on liquid crystal display (LCD) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology to address the flat-TV market, which is growing rapidly as consumers trade in their boxy tube sets for sleeker flat screens.

The consumer electronics firm plans to stop making rear-projection TVs at three plants in Japan and overseas in February, company spokesman Shinji Obana said.

Sometime in the future, boys and girls, you'll be able to tell your grandchildren about televisions that were as deep as they were wide, and maybe even had a cathode ray tube in them. Then make sure to tell them to stay off your lawn.
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