Sony To Offer Comic-Con Attendees First Hands-On With PlayStation 4

Ouch. We had originally been led to believe that the GameStop Expo in August would be the first place where average, everyday joes and janes would be able to get their hands on the PlayStation 4. But Sony and Comic-Con just shot an arrow through GameStop's bubble. Instead, the San Diego Comic-Con festival, which takes place on July 18th and ends on the 21st, will indeed be first.

The PS4 will be front and center at Sony's booth during the event, allowing those who attend to go hands-on with the console, the new controller, and of course, the new lineup of games. Driveclub, Knack and Octodad: Dadliest Catch will be on display, alongside a plethora of PlayStation Vita games, too. Plenty of Sony panels will also be ongoing for those waiting in line for a bit of PS4 action.

Sony PlayStation 4 Hands-on at Comic-Con

If you can't make it down to Southern California, it's still not too late to get your pre-order in -- just don't expect to play it before the holiday season.