Sony Slashes Up To 70 Percent Off Over 100 Games To Celebrate PlayStation's 20th Anniversary

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of Sony's original PlayStation console launch in North America. To celebrate the occasion the company has discounted more than 100 titles for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PSP, and PS Classics. These aren't small time savings, either.

Markdowns are as high as 70 percent on some titles, while PlayStation Plus members can save up to 80 percent -- not too shabby! Included among the discounted games are Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Edition (PS4) for $34.79, down from $59.99, Call of Dudy: Advanced Warfare - Digital Pro Edition (PS4) for $68.99, down from $99.99, and Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin (PS4) for $30, down from $59.99.

PlayStation Sale

"Party like it’s September 9th, 1995, but don’t wait too long – our 20th Anniversary Sale ends Monday, September 14th," Sony stated in a blog post. In case you're wondering, September 14th is this coming Monday.

This is Sony's second major celebration of the PlayStation's 20th anniversary. Back in December of last year, Sony released a limited edition gray "PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition" console. Only 12,300 were made available to commemorate the original PlayStation's launch in Japan on December 3, 1994.

As for the marked down titles, you can find the full list of games here.