Sony Slashes PS5 Production Right Before The Holiday Restock, How To Still Find One

Sony PlayStation 5
You may have noticed, but finding gaming hardware in stock is frustratingly challenging. That's true of graphics cards, it's true of consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X|S, and of course it's true of the PlayStation 5. Regarding the latter, the prospect of finding one in time for the holidays may have just gotten a little bleaker, with Sony having reduced production by a not-insignificant amount.

The component shortage strikes again, and it's certainly not endemic just to Sony. Earlier this month Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said of the company's Switch console, "We can't produce enough to meet the demand we are expecting during the upcoming holiday season." The comment came as Nintendo downward revised its Switch production and sales forecast by 1.5 million units due to the shortage.

Now it appears Sony is doing the same. Citing people who are purportedly familiar with Sony's operations, Bloomberg says the PS5 maker adjust its full-year console production and sales forecast as well, from 16 million units previously to now 15 million units.

This is not an artificial shortage by any stretch. The PS5 raced to 10 million units sold faster than any previous PlayStation console, but its sales pace for its first year on the market actually trails the previous generation PlayStation 4. Demand is certainly there, but it's been an ongoing challenge to source enough PS5 components and units to meet it on the supply side.

It's the same reason why Valve yesterday announced that its Steam Deck shipments are being delayed by two months—the first batch will now ship out in February 2022 instead of next month. That's just the way 2021 has gone.

The bottom line for anyone hoping to score Sony's newest console in time for Christmas is that the downward PS5 production forecast will make it even more difficult than it already was.

Tips For Finding A PlayStation 5 When Stock Is Slim

How can you perhaps tip the odds in your favor? It's all about tracking restock efforts. There are a few accounts you should follow on Twitter...
Outside of Twitter, is an excellent resource for tracking stock updates, and you can even have it trigger an alarm when it detects inventory at places like Amazon, Walmart, and so forth.

And lastly, be advised that Verizon will be selling PS5 consoles. Verizon is mostly targeting customers with an active post-paid account, but it sounds like it will also stock some of its pilot stores with a small number of PS5 consoles. It's something to keep an eye on.

Also be sure to check here at HotHardware often, as we continue to pass along the latest information on upcoming restocks.