Sony Job Listing Seeks Devs For Unannounced PlayStation 5 AAA Game

Sony is hard at work on its next-generation of game console, but we still have no idea when that console will land. Some rumors expect to see the PlayStation 5 land in 2019 while others expect a 2020 release for the new console, which will reportedly have an 8-core AMD Ryzen processor. Whatever the launch window is, the new console will undoubtedly need gorgeous, blockbuster game to showcase its hardware capabilities. To that end, new Sony job listings have turned up seeking people to join a development team for an unannounced AAA game.


The intriguing part about the job listings is a call out that the design team will focus on the "next chapter of cinematic storytelling." One of the team listings is for a Senior Gameplay Animator that seeks a person for a "high visibility project" and goes on to note that the project is being developed in collaboration with a major Sony development studio.

Other listings for development team members for the project include a Senior Character Artist, Lead Character Artist, Senior Environment Artist, and a Senior UI Programmer with all the listings noting a focus on the story for the game. None of the listings shed any details on the story itself or the platform that the game is going to be for. However, with the PS4 at the end of its days and Sony only now looking for the team that it needs to develop the game, the title is likely for the PS5.

All of the job listings are for positions that will be filled in the Sony internal San Diego studio, which is responsible for MLB the Show, the popular baseball game franchise. The people that Sony is seeking in these job listings aren't believed to be working on the next game in that franchise as the dev team for that game is said to be locked down. It's not clear if the new game will be part of an existing franchise, along the lines of another Uncharted release, or if this is an all-new AAA franchise from Sony.

The job listings do make mention of games like Uncharted, The Last of Us, and Killzone along with "other iconic series." With so little information it's impossible to say when this new game might launch. New AAA titles are often delayed in development as bugs are worked out of new systems, it could be years before we know anything else.